The Network

The NCLC brings together representatives who are committed to increasing the percentage of residents with post-secondary degrees, certificates, and quality credentials, such as:

  • Community-based organizations
  • Local city government
  • Higher education institutions
  • Public and charter schools
  • Corporate partners
  • Local and national foundations

 “Building Post-Secondary Steps toward Newark’s Development”

Building Postsecondary Steps toward Newark’s Development

The NCLC network is pivotal in improving post-secondary attainment in the city because it addresses, strengthens, and builds:

The connection between the K–12 system and higher education

The Newark Public School system is a essential bridge between secondary and post-secondary education. The district is currently implementing a system that:

  • Builds teacher and principal leadership and accountability.
  • Embraces the common core framework.
  • Works to create a college-going culture in schools.

The path for adult learners to complete their higher education goal

City administrators have emphasized that increasing the number of degree holders would have a positive effect on the economic viability of the city. The Newark Workforce Board, in partnership with the institutions of higher education, will strategically focus on unemployed adult clients who have some college credits but did not complete a degree. Through incentive programs, this group will be encouraged to return to school to complete their degree.

Economic development through higher education

Newark is experiencing an economic development resurgence that has brought in billions of dollars in commercial and residential investments. The city’s strategy is to:

  • Expand and build on its development success and attract high-tech corporations.
  • Invest in technology and high-skill industries.
  • Support the development of a highly skilled workforce.