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Connecting residents to education and opportunity

All young people and their families, regardless of where they live or what school they attend, should have the information, resources, and quality education needed to enable success in college or another post-high school option. NCLC works with partners to expand the college-going culture in three key ways.

Community Mobilization

  • Bringing resources to residents where they live through ward-based information sessions
  • Engaging Newark’s faith community to champion NCLC’s mission
  • Creating pathways for adults to earn a high school diploma or GED and pursue a post-secondary degree or certification

School District Impact

  • Sponsoring an annual citywide college fair for high school students
  • Working to develop a district-wide college-going culture, particularly at historically low-achieving high schools
  • Providing guidance counselors, teachers, and administrators with the tools and resources that best prepare students for college

College Pathway Initiative

  • Supporting students through high school graduation, the transition to college, and ultimately college completion